A photo of a Five Guys receipt showing a final cost of $24 for a bacon cheeseburger combo has led customers to claim prices at the chain are “out of control.”

An X user posted the image of a receipt. which quickly went viral, garnering nearly 25 million views.

A user on Reddit, where the receipt was originally posted, wrote “Five Guys prices are out of control. $24 for one person.”
The receipt shows that the customer spent $12.49 for a bacon cheeseburger, $2.89 for a regular soda, and $5.19 for a small fry. After adding $1.34 for sales tax and $2.19 for a tip, the total came out to $24.10.
The viral X post kicked off a discussion that has generated over 12,000 comments, with mixed reactions from users.
“Five Guys has now become Five Times… the inflation,” one X user wrote on the viral post.
“5 dollars for a small fry is highway robbery,” another wrote.
“Five Guys has always been more premium than others, though,” another X user added.
T,here are theories about why menu items at Five Guys cost more than its competitors, which include fresh, never-frozen ingredients, burger toppings that come at no additional cost, fries that are made in peanut oil and bigger portions.
What are your thoughts, are these prices out of control?

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