Other people wrote the following:

“By using the R word in that way, it infers that people with cognitive disabilities are less than or dumb. Please consider taking the time to either personally or publicly reconsider using a word that hurts so many. I’m not saying that was your intent, but when know better, we should do better … right?”

“I can tell you that most people who use the word have an idea in their head when they do.”

Because his wife’s use of the word “retarded” turned her into public enemy number one, Steve Harvey rushed to her rescue.

“What you tripping about cause my wife said the word retarded? It’s a word, ain’t it? And she ain’t talking ’bout nobody but herself to me. … She ain’t saying it ’bout nobody’s baby. I don’t ever comment but damn is you just looking for something to be pissed off about ’cause we ain’t. And I wrote it retarded. NAH!!”

Other fans thought the sensitive users were too politically correct.

“People ALWAYS looking for something to say and complain about. I usually don’t respond to ignorance, but I had to on this one,” a supporter wrote.

“Now we have to watch what we say in our own homes,” another pro-Harvey person wrote.

Do you think the public has a right to be upset over the use of the “R” word? Or did this go too far?