McDonald’s faces criticism on TikTok after a man alleges that dining there has become unaffordable due to increased prices. Topher recently visited his local McDonald’s and was surprised to find his usual order—a Smoky Double Quarter Pounder BLT burger, Iarge fries, and Sprite—costing over $16.


The escalating cost of living in the United States, fueled by a sharp rise in inflation, has led to higher prices for food and energy. Amidst these changes, McDonald’s, known for its affordability, seems to have seen a notable increase in menu prices, according to Christopher Olive, a TikToker.

Christopher showcased his recent McDonald’s purchase—a large fries, a Sprite, and a Smoky Double Quarter Pounder BLT burger—in a video uploaded last year. The cost of this meal, once considered a budget-friendly option, now exceeds what many would deem reasonable.

Just a few years ago, a similar meal would have typically cost no more than $10, if not less. So, Christopher was taken aback when he saw his receipt, revealing a hefty $16.10 charge for his meal.

In his video, Christopher expresses disbelief, attributing the price hike to factors like labor shortages and wage increases. The video has garnered nearly 180,000 views and sparked a wide range of reactions.

While some agree that the $16 price tag is excessive, others point out the broader impact of rising costs throughout the supply chain. Suggestions to mitigate costs include utilizing the McDonald’s app for discounts and opting for more affordable menu items.

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