At a McDonald’s location in Atlanta, Georgia, a young mother went into labor while in the restaurant bathroom. Thankfully, her fiancé and three McDonald’s employees jumped up to help her and assisted with the baby’s delivery in person. The beautiful baby girl arrived healthy as can be and was nicknamed “Little Nugget” thanks to her McDonald’s bathroom delivery although her full name is Nandi Ariyah Moremi Phillips.


The parents of Little Nugget called the surprise delivery at the Atlanta McDonald’s a “Thanksgiving blessing” because everything went off without a hitch despite the harrowing circumstances. The contractors began for mom around 3 am on Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving.



However, the mom Alandria Worthy decided not to rush to the hospital because she thought she would be “pushing for hours” if she went too early. Instead, she decided to wait it out at home until 7:30 am when her contractions became stronger and more frequent.

When her contractions occurred about a minute and a half from each other, mom knew “it was time,” so she asked her fiancé to ready for the car. Because the couple had about a forty-five-minute drive to the hospital from the Airbnb they were renting, they decided to stop at a McDonald’s because Worthy suddenly needed to use the bathroom.

The mother’s fiancé, Deandra Phillips, pulled into the nearest McDonald’s so his beloved could use the restroom. However, the quick bathroom stop suddenly became a serious situation when the expectant mother went into labor while in the fast-food restaurant.



While in the McDonald’s bathroom, Worthy said her water broke, and then everything happened so fast. She started screaming at employees from the bathroom. “I’m in labor. Somebody get the man in the car,” she shouted to the McDonald’s workers.

General Manager Tunisia Woodward thought Worthy was joking, but when she went into the bathroom, she found the mother strewn about on the floor of the stall. The woman was screaming for help and clearly struggling to deliver a baby.

“I knew to tell my crew; we’re having a baby today,” manager Woodward said.

Woodward and two McDonald’s colleagues, Sha’querria Kaigler and Keisha Blue-Murray, quickly transformed into on-demand nurses and helped the mother deliver the baby in the McDonald’s bathroom.



Kaigler called 911 while Blue-Murray helped Phillips, the fiancé, assist the mother who was “on the toilet, screaming” in pain from the labor.


Phillips said his fiancée was “frantic,” so he tried to calm her by helping her take relaxing breaths. Meanwhile, the McDonald’s employees prepared for the birth.

“The ladies at McDonald’s were at her front side, holding her hands, I had her feet propped up on my knees. We told her to push three pushes,” Phillips said.

After just three pushes, Little Nugget arrived.

Phillips said, “she popped out onto my hand.” Dad called the incident “divine intervention.” If he had picked any other McDonald’s restaurant, it might not have been staffed with such generous people.

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