Over the years, baby naming trends have undergone notable changes, with traditional names like Michael and Molly existing alongside newer, more unconventional choices. Celebrities, in particular, are known for their adventurous approach to naming their offspring. Gwyneth Paltrow famously named her child “Apple,” while Beyoncé and Jay Z opted for the distinctive “Blue Ivy.”

While unique celebrity baby names are nothing out of the ordinary, Jay and Kateri Schwandt may have raised the bar for the quirkiest baby name. The Schwandts, experienced parents to fourteen children, all boys, spanning a 25-year age range, had hoped for some diversity in their predominantly male household. However, their 14th addition, Finley, weighing 8lb and 4 ounces, turned out to be another boy.

Realizing that Finley would likely be their last child, Jay and Kateri decided to give him a distinctive middle name. Taking inspiration from a tale Kateri’s father used to recount about a Native American chief with many sons, they chose the name “Sheyboygan,” meaning “She’s a boy again.”

Jay expressed, “Kateri and I are both in our 40s now, so we know we’re coming to the end of this journey.” Despite knowing this would likely be their final pregnancy, they cherished every moment. Their excitement for their growing family mirrored the enthusiasm they had with their first child.

Finley now joins a lineup of brothers, including Tyler (25), Zach (22), Drew (21), Brandon (19), Tommy (16), Vinny (15), Calvin (12), Gabe (11), Wesley (9), Charlie (8), Luke (6), Tucker (4), and Francisco (2). Despite initially hoping for a girl, Jay and Kateri are thrilled to welcome another boy into their family. And while Finley’s name might raise eyebrows, he can always count on the support and camaraderie of his 13 brothers if anyone questions his unique moniker.


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