Hey Dad, get your checkbook ready because I’m heading home soon to tie the knot! It’s pretty hilarious, right? I’m here in Australia, and my soon-to-be husband is in the US. We met online, hit it off on Facebook, and chatted endlessly on WhatsApp.

Can you believe it? He actually proposed over Skype, and for the past two months, we’ve been keeping up our relationship through Viber. Dad, I really hope you’ll give us your blessings and wish us well. Oh, and brace yourself for a big wedding! Love you tons, Lilly.”

Father’s Response: “Lilly, my dear, Well, that’s quite the tale! Sounds like a modern-day love story, doesn’t it? Here’s an idea: why not say ‘I do’ on Twitter, dance the night away on Tango , register for gifts on Amazon, and handle all the finances with PayPal? And if your new hubby ever gets on your nerves, just list him on eBay. Sending you all my love, Dad.

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