In today’s era of social media, virality can be both a blessing and a curse.

For brands, viral content can lead to increased attention, a rise in followers, and potential growth in sales.


For individuals, it can be an opportunity to grab a fleeting moment of fame. However, when the content in question borders on unprofessional, unethical, or even disgusting behavior, the virality can swiftly turn into a PR nightmare.

One such video that has recently made waves across the internet is from inside a McDonald’s restaurant in Missouri.

A 21-year-old employee named Kelsey Kwiatkowski was captured with her hand inside her trousers.

Moments later, she was seen scooping fries with the same hand.



Kelsey’s other videos, including one where she smokes inside the establishment, underline a concerning laxity in professional conduct.

With over 2.4 million views on the fries video alone and a follower count exceeding 50k on TikTok, the impact and reach of such content cannot be understated. Every video, comment, and like have ramifications not only for the individual but also for the brand they represent.

However, in the age of cancel culture and swift judgements, there’s also a need to consider all sides of the story.



Kelsey, upon realizing the magnitude of the backlash, clarified that the video was shot in 2016 and was meant as a joke. The team had just closed for the night, and they were in the process of cleaning the establishment.

Jokes and pranks are an inherent part of human nature.


They allow for a break from monotony, a momentary escape from the seriousness of life. But when one’s profession, especially one that involves public health and safety, becomes the subject of the jest, the boundaries of acceptability get blurred.

The McDonald’s video controversy underscores the profound impact of social media on modern businesses and personal lives.


As consumers, it’s crucial to approach such content with a discerning eye, considering the context before passing judgment.

And for brands and employees, it’s a reminder of the thin line between humor and professionalism, and the immense responsibility that comes with being in the public eye.



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