A pregnant woman was left in shock after a McDonald’s worker left a note on her food order.

When we go to Maccies, we want to be able to order whatever we fancy, without having to return it if the order isn’t quite right.

But unfortunately, this mum-to-be was left pretty stunned by what she received after ordering a simple breakfast item.

He explained that because his girlfriend is pregnant, she decided not to have the egg in her breakfast muffin.

While it is safe for pregnant women to eat eggs as long as they are completely cooked or pasteurised, some choose not to.

“My girlfriend just ordered a sausage McMuffin from McDonalds in Maylands, Western Australia,” the man explained.

“She selected Option 1 as she didn’t want egg (she’s pregnant). All other ingredients were clearly listed: ‘Sausage McMuffin: English Muffin, Beef Sausage, etc’.”


But the man explained that when she opened up her order – which felt pretty light considering she had only asked to remove the egg – she was left in shock.

“She received an empty wrapper and a note explaining: ‘Sausage egg has egg, muffins, sausage, cheese, it’s no for everything so we have just given the wrapping.’

“What a world! I got a good chuckle out of it but hell hath no fury like a pregnant woman.”

Many Redditors suggested that the ingredients could have been accidentally removed, to which the man explained: “So both the order history & the physical receipt show all ingredients as being removed, so I can’t prove that my girlfriend didn’t do this either intentionally or accidentally.

“She also didn’t check the details in the cart when she put the order through.

“However, she vehemently denies even going into the customisation menu at all and I very almost fully believe her. It’s very unlikely that she went into the customisation menu and removed the ingredients one by one – but I can’t prove that she didn’t.

“We also haven’t been able to recreate the issue. I had a thought that it might be related to the options you can select that make automatic customisations but this is just a suspicion at this point.”

The couple were shocked at what they received.

Alongside the post, the man shared a photo of the order, which revealed a lone wrapper alongside an empty brown bag.

Many people were amused by what happened, with others wanting to know how much the couple were charged for the wrapper.

Imagine ordering a McDonald’s breakfast and receiving just a wrapper?!

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