A McDonald’s customer in Australia has sparked worldwide outrage after discovering something revolting in their Quarter Pounder with Cheese (QPC). The burger, allegedly prepared at a Woodbine McDonald’s outlet in Sydney, contained raw ground beef that was visibly undercooked.


Shocking images of the uncooked burger circulated online, showing raw meat inside the supposedIy cooked sandwich, prompting the furious customer to issue a warning: “Check your burgers before eating if you’re purchasing from Woodbine Maccas tonight.”








The disturbing photos of the uncooked burger quickly went viral, eliciting hundreds of disgusted comments from customers in Australia and beyond. Some expressed their disgust, while others urged the customer to complain and seek a refund from McDonald’s management for the undercooked Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

Responding to the outcry, a McDonald’s spokesperson assured that the restaurant takes food quality complaints seriously and is investigating the matter closely. They emphasized adherence to strict processes and procedures to ensure food quality and safety.

Despite the viral attention, the Australian customer has not updated their followers on McDonald’s response. This incident underscores the importance of thorough food safety checks and adherence to proper cooking standards in all fast-food establishments.

Customers should remain vigilant and demand accountability from restaurants to ensure safe and delicious meals. Such incidents serve as reminders of the significance of food safety protocols and the need for continuous vigilance to prevent potential health risks associated with improperly cooked food.

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