The Gerogery Hotel, nestled in the rural beauty of New South Wales just 20 minutes north of Albury, recently found itself in the spotlight for its clever response to a one-star review. The review, posted by a disgruntled individual named Robert, criticized the establishment as “absolutely disgusting” for serving what he deemed to be excessive food to someone he described as “obese.” Despite the harsh words, the pub’s management responded with humor and grace, turning the situation into a lighthearted moment.

Robert’s review, which targeted the pub’s renowned “challenge meals,” left staff perplexed. These challenge meals, featuring hefty portions of steak, chicken parmigiana, or burgers, are a popular attraction at the Gerogery Hotel. Publican Norm Carl expressed bewilderment at Robert’s critique, noting that Robert had never even set foot in the establishment. Despite this, Robert felt compelled to express his opinions online, prompting the pub’s management to respond in kind.

In a tongue-in-cheek rebuttal, the Gerogery Hotel encouraged its supporters to tag their favorite “Robert” who wasn’t an “internet troll” to counteract the negativity. The management dismissed Robert as a “pathetic, judgmental keyboard warrior” and made it clear that individuals like him were not welcome at their establishment. This playful response not only defused the situation but also garnered widespread support from patrons and online users alike.

The Gerogery Hotel’s reputation for its challenge meals precedes it, drawing both praise and criticism. These mammoth meals, such as the $45 “Double Stacka” chicken parmigiana or the $50 1kg rump steak, have become a topic of debate among customers. While some view them as a fun and indulgent experience, others express concern over their size and nutritional value. However, Norm Carl maintains that the majority of feedback is positive, with patrons recognizing the meals as a source of entertainment rather than a health risk.

Despite occasional backlash, the Gerogery Hotel remains committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for its customers. Norm Carl emphasizes that the pub is a place where people come to enjoy good food and good company, regardless of dietary preferences or eating habits. The pub’s ethos of inclusivity extends to its online presence, where negative comments are typically ignored or handled with humor.

In the face of adversity, the Gerogery Hotel has demonstrated resilience and a sense of humor. Rather than dwelling on negativity, the pub’s management chooses to focus on the positive experiences of its patrons. By embracing their reputation for hearty meals and friendly service, they have turned a potentially damaging review into an opportunity for laughter and camaraderie.

The Gerogery Hotel’s playful response to Robert’s one-star review serves as a reminder of the power of humor and positivity in overcoming adversity. In an age where online criticism can be harsh and relentless, the pub’s lighthearted approach stands out as a beacon of resilience and goodwill. As they continue to serve up delicious meals and warm hospitality, the Gerogery Hotel remains a beloved destination for locals and visitors alike.

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