Luke Spring is a 6 year-old dancing prodigy whose amazing skills are now going viral! In the video below, you’ll see Luke standing alone on a stage wearing a white shirt, black tie, and black dress pants. Soon, Luke is joined onstage by his adult instructor, and what the two proceed to do is absolutely magical!


Luke’s renowned dance teacher Justin M. Lewis joined him onstage at the D.C. Tap Festival so that they could show the crowd what they’ve got. Justin has been dancing since he was 5 and Luke has been dancing since he was 4, and they both showed lots of promise from a very early age. Over the years, Justin’s tap dancing has developed a contemporary flair that makes it look very unique!


Justin and Luke quickly make it clear that they are naturals at performing together!


Justin has been working hard to pass his skills off to Luke, and his efforts are definitely paying off! It’s hard to take your eyes off Luke in the video below as he moves with the skills of a professional far above his years.

The best part of the video comes when the two have a dance-off of sorts in the middle of the performance. Both of them are so good that it is nearly impossible to declare a winner!

At the end of the routine, Justin and Luke throw in a move that had the crowd go wild for them. It’s easy to see why Luke has already graced stages in New York and on national TV at such a young age! The little boy is considered one of the best young dancers in the United States and Canada in not just tap, but also hip-hop, lyrical, and jazz, and it’s safe to say he has Justin to thank for helping him hone his skills already!

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