Audiences of the widely watched game show “Wheel of Fortune” were taken back when the veteran host, Pat Sajak, unexpectedly exited before the bonus round. This unexpected departure left fans puzzled about the circumstances surrounding Sajak’s absence and raised questions about the future of his 42-year run on the show.


“Wheel of Fortune,” conceived by Merv Griffin, has been a television staple since its debut in January 1975, with Pat Sajak and Vanna White as the cherished hosts. While Sajak had hinted at a potential departure at the conclusion of Season 40, Vanna expressed her desire to continue hosting alongside him. Their enduring partnership has become an integral part of the show’s identity, making it challenging for fans to envision anyone else in their roles.

During the episode aired on April 26, Sajak relinquished his hosting duties for the bonus round, with the show’s announcer, Jim Thornton, stepping in as host. This unexpected change sparked speculation among fans about Sajak’s absence, leading some to wonder if he was unwell or had been replaced. However, it was later revealed that this transition was planned, as contestant Sarah expressed her admiration for Jim Thornton at the start of the show, setting the stage for his impromptu hosting role.



Despite Sajak’s absence, Jim Thornton continued to host the bonus round after the commercial break. Although contestant Sarah was unable to solve the bonus puzzle, she won an additional $40,000 and had the chance to interact with Jim. Sajak briefly reappeared during the credits at the end of the episode, humorously asking Vanna if he had missed anything.

The specific reasons for Pat Sajak’s absence on that particular episode remain undisclosed. Some viewers speculated that it could have been an opportunity for Jim Thornton to demonstrate his hosting abilities as a potential successor to Sajak in the future. With Sajak’s potential departure at the end of Season 40, Jim Thornton may have more opportunities to helm episodes of “Wheel of Fortune.”

As of now, the show continues to air on ABC weeknights at 7:30 p.m., leaving fans eagerly anticipating updates on the future of the beloved game show and its hosts.

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