Although his video performance is only three minutes and thirty-one seconds long, you’ll be taken on a journey by 10-year-old singer and pianist Adam Kornowski. In this video uploaded to YouTube by John T. Inscrutable, you’ll hear this amazing singer blast out a performance of a lifetime while on stage at a talent show in front of his classmates and teachers.



The young singer lived in Chisago City, Minnesota, and was eager to share his performance of Imagine by John Lennon with his local community as well as the world through YouTube and other video-sharing platforms.

When the singer, who is only in fourth grade at the time of the performance, begins to recite the lyrics, his angelic voice is sure to bring emotion to your soul. He not only can play the piano music to the famous John Lennon song, but the boy can also blast out a rendition that would make any parent or grandparent proud beyond belief.

More than a dozen people contributed comments on YouTube after the video of Adam Kornowski singing Imagine went viral. The clip has been viewed more than fifty-eight thousand times and counting and continues to mesmerize audiences across the world to this day despite having been uploaded to the video-sharing platform four years ago.

Comments included the following:



“He’s singing about the world he and all the other children deserve to live in, not the one they got.”

“Merry Christmas, kiddo… Everyone needs to hear your magic and innocence. You are the perfect example of what we all need to be.”

“He is amazing. He will be a legend one day. I hope he pursues his gift.”

One person expressed their distaste for the song because they believe Imagine by John Lenno is “about Socialism. LISTEN to the words, NO religion. Lennon later confirmed that the similarities between his ideals set out in the song and Communism were indeed deliberate. (Lyrics in the song include): ‘Imagine that there was no more religion, no more country, no more politics,’ is virtually the Communist Manifesto, even though I’m not, particularly, a Communist, and I do not belong to any movement.”



Whether you agree or disagree with the sentiment of the song, it cannot be denied that Adam Kornowski’s performance was breathtakingly beautiful and moving.

Adam Kornowski has been singing since he was five years old, and in recent years, his talent has catapulted him to recognition in numerous local events. He hopes to inspire other young singers and pianists who, like him, wish to share their gift of a magical musical performance with the world.

Adam Kornowski’s performance of Imagine proves that his talent is beyond reproach and that he possesses a voice that will surely resound for many years to come. His innocence, poise, and incredible singing ability at such a tender age are enough to bring a tear to the eye of any listener.

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