A woman recently mentioned that she had to start living in her parent’s shed in order to save rent. The 21-year-old woman from Boise, Idaho- Aniah Warne, stated that she couldn’t afford the rent for a separate apartment for herself after she moved out of her parent’s house. Hence she decided to utilize the shed that was located in their back garden. In her viral TikTok video, the young adult gave her followers a complete tour of the shed after a person had pointed out that she was living in a shed. To that, Aniah replied, “I do live in a shed. This is my shed.

Woman Has Been Living In Her Parents’ Shed In Order To Save Rent

In her video, she also showed her living area to her followers and explained how she had to take up accommodation here in order to save rent.

In her video, she mentioned, “So I have this step right here that is like a little porch, and this wall opens up. So I have my desk, a TV, my bed, and then this is the view sitting in my bed. And then I have my nightstand with essentials, a cute little chair, plant, shelves, fridge. I have this mirror to look at outfits, and then this is my closet. It’s quite clean right now. So yeah. That’s my shed.

The video about living rent-free went quite viral and has already amassed around 1.5 million views with thousands of comments and likes. One of her followers mentioned, “I don’t get how people can see this and not want to do the same thing.

Another user posted, “Bro this is so cute it’s like a studio apartment but actually in a pretty place I love.” A third user mentioned, “This is what my husband and I are building for our kids. Everyone gets a little studio on our property so when they’re 18 they don’t need to move out.” Finally, someone else mentioned, “In New Zealand, we call these sleep outs I thought that’s what everyone called them haha! Nice sleep out.

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