Life is full of injustices: many people are born less fortunate than others, while still others encounter obstacles so insurmountable that in the end they are reduced to misery, unable to reintegrate into a “normal” life.


Homeless peoplenot only lack a fixed abode, but worse still they often no longer have a family, a job, or friendships. Before they end up on the street, they lose a number of things that ultimately lead them to rummaging through dumpsters and sleeping rough. João Coelho Guimarães, a 45-year-old man, had been living on the street for 3 years and hadn’t seen his family for 10. One day he walked into a local barber’s shop and asked if he could have a razor to shave his beard. However, the store owner and employees decided to give him a bigger gift.

The barber Alessandro cut his hair and fixed his beard, but the other employees of the shop also wanted to help João: they  bought him a new pair of trousers, three T-shirts, a jacket and a pair of new shoes. João was washed and perfumed, on a day dedicated to him, in which he was finally able to relax after who knows how long.

The state to which he had been reduced to, living on the street was certainly not the best, but with the help of the barber he managed to significantly transform his look.

We know that the problems of poverty and homeless are not solved with a simple haircut and a new shirt, but it is still a beginning. João’s new look, for example, might help him find a job and reintegrate into society. To be sure, something even more sensational happened in João’s case.

The man’s reaction when he looked in the mirror was very sweet and even though he didn’t speak much, his tears were sincere. All the staff said they were amazed to discover how beautiful João was, not only inside but also outside.

After giving him “a day of treatments”, the shop shared the photos of the incredible transformation, allowing many readers to know in part the man’s history.


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