Any hairstylist will tell you that the right haircut can make you look ten or even fifteen years younger. If you keep up with the times and get a style that matches what is fashionable in the 2020s, then you can look younger. However, the wrong hairstyle can make your style look dated. And some hairstyles, like the ones in this list, are best to avoid if you’re over fifty because they can make you look older and even add years to your look.



Beware of the following hairstyles.

One “dated” look that is best to avoid if you’re over the age of fifty is the Farah Fawcett hairstyle. Although this was popular in the 1970s and 1980s, it can make your look dated nowadays, especially for women who are over the age of fifty.

While the close crop hairstyle is very easy to maintain, it can make women over the age of fifty appear older than they truly are. Because the hairstyle offers little distraction, it can make people focus on wrinkles and other signs of aging that would otherwise have been hidden with a more appropriate haircut.

The Chelsea cut has become very popular in recent years. This style is known for having shaved hair in the back with longer bangs. However, the haircut can make you appear older than you truly are, which can be unfortunate for women who are over the age of fifty. Instead of making you look stylish, the cut can make you appear older, as it emphasizes signs of aging like wrinkles.

Ultra-light colors can be deceptively aging. Although many women over the age of fifty use color to hide their grays, this can be the wrong way to look younger. Although the lighter color often matches women who are in their twenties and thirties, the look can backfire for older women because it seems unnatural.

Baby bangs are great for young women who are either in their twenties or teenage years. However, for middle-aged women who are over fifty, this style can add a number of years to your look. The baby bangs make people focus on your forehead, which can be a location for wrinkles in older women.

Beware of styles that flip hair to the front. This style has become somewhat dated in recent years. Plus, it makes people focus on features like the forehead, brow, and eyes that tend to have wrinkles. If you’re looking to shave off a few years on your appearance, then avoid this style like the plague.

The under shave has become a popular haircut over the last decade or so. However, it can date a woman if she does it the wrong way. The cut was made popular thanks to Hollywood and various television shows that featured young actresses with the daring haircut. But women over the age of fifty might want to avoid this one lest they end up looking older than they truly are.

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