Our eyes may lie to us more often than we think. Optical illusions are seen in everyday life. Viral Strange will list some pictures that really need a second look.

1. “Just a guy wearing a hoodie”

2. “Woah!”

3. “Bada$$ Cat”

4. “Took me a while to figure out”

5. Work both legs on leg day…

6. “Kind of obvious, but kinda cool.”

7. “Wait, what… Oh, right”

8. Bride or groom?

9. “This optical illusion on a pedestrian crossing in Iceland to oblige cars to brake”

10. “UK Prime Minister David Cameron hovering”

11. “He’s got the whole sun in his tail.”

12. “This guy floats!”

13. “One of them is a Southpaw.”

14. “Some friends made this spoon optical illusion out on a trip”

15. “This rock is actually in the water”

16. “Weird Al performs a magic trick.”

17. “Mom thought I was smoking a joint.”

18. “Not his hand!”

19. “The iPhone Nano”

20. “Took me a moment to realize the man isn’t a painting.”

21. “Doubletake.”

22. “Hiya!”

23. “When you see it…”

24. “My mom just showed me this picture of my parents’ wedding. When you see it…”

25. Target photoshop fail

26. Hello, weird friend…

27. Oh, dear boy…

28. Floating!

29. I would have died!

Which one caught your attention? Are you detail-oriented, or do you need to look closely to spot the differences? Let us know in the comments!

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