You might remember her from Melrose Place, but Heather Locklear looks quite different these days, especially after she was spotted spending time with her fiancé, Chris Heisser, by a photographer for Daily Mail. The couple kicked off the week with some antiquing, exploring the stores in the antique mall in Agoura Hills, California.

The pair seemed content as they browsed through the Whizin Market Square, conveniently close to Locklear’s Westlake Village residence. She lives in an impressive six-bedroom, eight-bathroom home spanning 8,000 square feet, just a few miles from the antique mall.

Since her television days, Locklear has focused on herself and her relationship with Heisser. Witnesses observed them happily hunting for treasures among the shops, appearing quite at ease in each other’s company, almost like an old married couple.

Locklear, photographed sans makeup and sans engagement ring, seemed to be enjoying herself alongside Heisser, basking in the sun. Her past struggles with substance abuse, which led her to seek rehabilitation in 2018, are well-documented. However, she appears to be in a much better place now, relishing her time with her partner.

While Locklear opted to forgo her face mask during the outing, Heisser was seen wearing one as they exited the antique mall. Witnesses noted the couple’s comfort with each other, with Locklear leading the way as they explored the stores, and Heisser actively engaging in the experience.

Both Locklear and Heisser were clad in black tops, with Locklear sporting a Lauren Moshi “biting lip” skull logo T-shirt and Heisser opting for a black polo shirt. Locklear emerged from the antique shop carrying a small bag and sharing a laugh with her fiancé.

Despite their seemingly strong bond, Locklear was spotted without her engagement ring on this occasion, though it’s not the first time she’s been seen without it. In a previous outing in March, Locklear was also ring-less while shopping with a friend.

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