Joseph Hall recently channeled Elvis Presley’s spirit on America’s Got Talent, captivating the audience with his performance. Hailing from Lincoln, Nebraska, Joseph shared his dream of embodying the legendary singer. Despite initial skepticism, he impressed judges with his authenticity.

“I’ve got a guy on stage who’s very nervous, and he’s about to sing an Elvis Presley song,” Simon Cowell remarked. But Joseph’s rendition pleasantly surprised him, avoiding caricature and capturing the essence of Elvis.

Joseph’s uncanny resemblance to the King astounded Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne. With unanimous approval, the judges sent Joseph to the next round, praising his talent and authenticity.

As the curtain closed on the Chicago auditions, Joseph Hall reignited the legacy of Elvis Presley. America’s Got Talent continues to uncover remarkable talents across the nation, keeping the dream alive.

Watch the video below:

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