Hannah Spearritt was a huge star in the 1990s when she appeared in the popular group S Club 7. The singer, who is now forty-one years old, revealed that she is not a “millionaire” like many people believe but is actually homeless after being forced to move into an office with her two young children after losing her home around Christmastime.

The singer and her daughters, four-year-old Tea and two-year-old Tora, and their “fitness instructor” father, Adam Thomas, are now living paycheck to paycheck without a home after they failed to secure a place to live around Christmas last year. Although Spearritt was super famous in the 1990s as a member of pop group S Club 7, which raked in more than $60 million as a brand, she has nothing now and is forced to admit to her daughter that she has failed them.

Hannah Spearritt’s family was living in a London rental, which was abruptly sold, forcing her out of it. She and her family have been moving from temporary home to temporary home within the last year, living in four different places, and now she has to live in an office owned by a friend.

She told The Sun: “The kids’ beds were there, and we had the crayons out. It was stressful. Our landlord needed the money, and the property sold so fast. We ended up with under two days to leave.

“What screwed us is we didn’t have time to find another place. We had somewhere over Christmas but ran out of time before we could move in. It was just a couple of weeks. We filled the unopened café with our belongings — we were so lucky to have that storage space — but had nowhere to go.”

She added, “We were allowed to stay in our friend’s office. We just used it as our living room. We could work in there, and the kids played. It was extra space. The kids’ beds were there, and we had the crayons out. The climbing frame was up; it was fun for them. It was stressful, but you deal with it, don’t you? Especially with the kids. Whatever doesn’t break you, as they say.”

During her time with the band, she was paid 150,000 British pounds per year while the band made millions of dollars for their shareholders. She and the other bandmates are not “millionaires,” as many people believe.

She explained that the teenage performers were “not on a good wage compared to the money being made” and that it is “just not true” that they’re rich.

Spearritt enjoyed her time with the pop supergroup, saying, “It is what it is.” She last reunited with S Club 7 for an arena tour in 2015. However, it is not clear how much money she made from those performances.

She was planning to open a café last summer, but her business venture failed due to “personal reasons.”