Watch this video and find out, how a horse says “Thank you!”


There are many organizations that are making a difference for animals in distress. One of the most important is “Four Paws.”  They have a presence in the US and around Europe to help animals of all sorts.

They have been responsible for the rescue of thousands of animals. They are also part of the gears that move the adoption process of many of these animals, not only through their facilities but also with the many other organizations they partner up with.

One day, they were told that there were some wild horses that needed help. In some parts of the world, there’s this tradition of tying together either the two front or two hind legs of horses to prevent them from escaping. The problem is that some of the chains have started to irritate the poor horse causing all kinds of discomfort.

One vet is sent to release the animal and take a look at his injuries. In this video, we learn the story of a horse was discovered by our FOUR PAWS vet Ovidiu. He instantly helped to release it from its chains. Watch this video and find out, how a horse says “Thank you!”

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