Out of her siblings, Clem was the youngest. Her brothers were in their thirties and were her elder brothers. Although her entire family loved her, her grandmother in particular had shown her unwavering love.

Clem’s grandmother had given her another package on her 19th birthday, but she mistook it for another toy sheep. It had been her grandmother’s custom to give her a toy sheep on her seventh birthday.

Even though Clem would know that the box contains a plastic sheep, she would nevertheless act shocked. Clem was affected negatively by her grandmother’s passing because they had a closer relationship.

Her mom would add, “At least Grandma will live on in you.” “Grandma Clementine was the inspiration behind your name because I knew that you were a gift to her just as much as you were to Dad and me.”

Clem’s mother sent her another box containing another plastic sheep for her 20th birthday.

Her mother said, “Grandma gave me this before she passed away.” “She claimed it to be the final one.”

She ran to her room as soon as she realized she was crying as she looked at the toy sheep. She stored the remaining plastic sheep under her bed and placed the new one above it. She was under the impression that her grandmother’s gift of the sheeps came from a memory impairment.

“Clem?” Her elder brother rapped on the door of her room.

Clem stated, “I miss her.” “Even though I felt she was strange for a plastic sheep.”

“So you still don’t understand it?” Sheldon grinned.

“Observe beneath the sheep,” he went on.

Bewildered, she began to peer beneath the sheeps. Beneath each sheep was a text and a number.

I love you, then I’ll say

It was confusing, yet it was like a code. “Do you really not understand it?” Sheldon grinned.

“Acquire what?” Clem enquired.

After reading the most recent one, write down the numbers in the correct order. Sheldon responded, “Come on, Clem,” and made his way downstairs.

The final message said, “Clem, go to the bank.”

A bank account number emerged as she had organized the numbers in the order that she had received the sheeps.

She discovered that her grandma had been saving money for Clem since the day she was born when she visited the bank the following day with the account number. There was $120000 in the account.

“Madam,” murmured the consultant. “There’s more information. A safety deposit box in your name was also owned by your grandma. I’ll grant you access to it right now.

The banker then delivered a box with a note to Clem.

Greetings, Clem.

You’ve got it figured out! I love you so much, but please forgive this elderly lady for messing with you in this manner. In order to ensure that no one would steal the money from you, I had to make sure you were set for life and do this in this manner.

Come over for tea, honey, if I’m still here.

I cherish you.

— Mama

She proceeded straight to her grave, carrying a cup of tea and flowers. She took a drink of the tea and replied, “Thank you, Nan.” “My ideal college is now open to me thanks to you. You may always be proud of me. No one has loved me more than you have.

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