In our lives, it is inevitable to experience losing someone close and dear to your heart. It could be a family member, a relative, or a friend. As long as they leave a remarkable mark in our hearts, they surely are worth remembering forever.

It was absolutely a painful and heartbreaking moment for us. This might last for quite a time since it’s not easy to move forward knowing that someone you love will not be with you again.

The only thing that you can do today is remember the legacy they have left and move forward. You can do that by listening to good music which you can surely relate to.

One of the best songs to listen to is Donna Taggart’s rendition of Jenn Bostic’s ‘Jealous Of The Angels’.

The original version of this song was already great enough to make us cry. However, Donna’s version is undoubtedly touching and emotional, that you can feel her emotions while singing.

Her voice was so angelic that it added more complement to the lyrics of that beautiful song. If this song doesn’t make you cry, then I certainly don’t know what else will.

By making this good song a tribute to your lost beloved, you are ensuring that they will have a spot in your heart forever.

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