As you stroll through the neighborhood, you may notice various tattoos adorning people’s bodies. While some tattoos are simply personal expressions of art, others may indicate an affiliation with gangs.

Gang activity is on the rise across America, reaching beyond major cities like New York or Los Angeles and infiltrating even our own towns. To keep our loved ones safe, it’s crucial to understand how to recognize the signs of gang membership and avoid them. Gangs often use tattoos to display their affiliation and territorial influence.

Gang tattoos come in different forms, each carrying its own significance. Familiarizing yourself with these tattoos can prove invaluable in ensuring your safety. Here are some common gang tattoos to be aware of:

1. “14” or “88” Tattoo: Neo-Nazi Aryan Brotherhood members often bear these numbers as tattoos. This symbolizes association with a large prison gang.

2. Spiderweb Tattoo: This tattoo is commonly seen on the elbow and is often found on individuals who have spent a considerable amount of time in prison and have subsequently joined a gang for protection.

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