One of the most interesting ways to bring together crowds of people has always been through the development of a flash mob.



Always taking place in a public space, flash mobs involve a couple of dancers suddenly breaking into a routine in the middle of a crowd. Gradually, they’re joined by other dancers until it’s a giant spectacle that’s impossible to quit watching.

An Irish airline company, Aer Lingus, partnered with London Southend Airport to organize an amazing flash mob at Essex’s Lakeside Shopping Center.

One young girl starts it off by performing an Irish dance in the middle of the mall, drawing in a little bit of attention. Slowly but surely, more dancers begin to join her, resulting in a huge crowd! Soon enough, there were 40 wicked talented dancers performing for a bunch of shoppers.

Showing no sign of tiring out, everyone worked together to synchronize the amazing tap dance. Spectators were constantly capturing the performance on tape, and found themselves shocked when the dancers removed their hoodies and jackets to show off something unique.



Advertisements can be annoying, but this one was unique enough to impress everybody! That’s one way to get a message out there! What a clever bunch of people.

Flash mobs are truly something special. If you’re one of the lucky people getting to participate in the madness or observe one while it’s happening, it’s sure to be an experience you remember for the rest of your life. You might even learn about something brand new that benefits you in one way or another! Be sure to check out this incredibly cool video and share it with your friends.

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