This drum battle between a young high school student and a marine is simply incredible. The crowd is loving it!

Talent is in plentiful supply at the annual San Francisco High School Band Challenge. But this pair of drummers take it to the next level.

Hosted in support by the marines, the High School Band Challenge is an annual event that sees a prize of up to $30,000 given to the best band in the show.

The talent wasn’t just confined to the stage, however. Outside of the limelight, we see a young high school student challenged to a drum-off by a marine.

The youngster dazzles as he reels off an improvised drum solo, twirling his sticks for extra style. The crowd hollers and whoops as he rises to the challenge!

The marine, not to be upstaged enlists the help of a fellow bandmate to strike a rhythm on his drum. The marine then, expertly, improvises a solo over the top – one-handed!

The real winner here is the crowd who got to see two extremely talented drummers perform in an unusual setting. Everybody loves the friendly competition and walks away with respect and smiles.

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