Playful piano music can be heard playing as a group of preschool boys begin their performance. One boy comes out carrying his chair and he puts it on the ground so he can sit on it.

The next three boys come out and do the exact same thing with smiles on their faces. They are all dressed the same way, wearing white shirts, black vests, bow ties, pants, shoes, and shiny black hats.

All of them start slapping their thighs to the beat of the music, and moving their legs as well, dancing in their tiny chairs. Every now and then they strike a pose, leaning off the chair.

Then they stand up and walk around the chair, stopping behind the backrest. They all start running in place. The music stops for a moment as they sit down on the chair with their backs facing the audience.

Claps are now guiding them on the beat as they swing one of their legs over the chair to turn to the crowd again. They do a few more turns before standing up on the chairs.

Standing on their chairs they march in place while turning. They all face the back of the chairs and jump over it one by one, striking a pose after they land.

With all of them back on the ground they spin their chairs and sit down on it, raising their hats off their heads to signify the end of their performance.

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