A quick look at your wrists can tell you a great deal about your life. To be specific, there are four lines on your wrist that are believed by many to give reliable information about a persons health, wealth, influence, and longevity.



Be sure you are in a well-lit room so you can test yourself as you read this article. To begin, put your palms facing towards you. Now, examine your wrists for four lines going across.

Most people can see the first two lines very easily. These lines are the two closest to your palm. The first line is called the health line. If it is unbroken, that signals good health. If the line is choppy, that means there are some problems in your system.

For women, a choppy line generally means gynecological issues. For men, a bad health line usually means urinary, prostate, or even hormonal difficulties. The second line works just like the first line, but it measures a persons wealth.

If this wealth line is unbroken, you can expect smooth sailing financially. If it is broken, however, that may indicate financial difficulties in your future.

The last two lines are both further away from the palm, and some people do not have them at all. The third line is called the success line, and, as the name implies, it indicates whether or not a person will find their dream job in this lifetime.

You can also expect to have a great influence on the people around you if you can see the third line. The last line is called the strength line. If people have this last line, they will probably live a long life and enjoy great renown even after they are gone from this world.

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