Port City Sound has been singing together for years, and if they’re accustomed to antics like this, then they’ve certainly brightened a lot of lives. A flight delayed for maintenance could easily spur up flaring tempers and heated tension throughout the cabin, but there’s no chance of anything but smiles when this talented quartet is onboard singing ‘Under the Boardwalk.’

Perfect harmony only begins to describe the heavenly unison of these entertainers. Their acapella couldn’t be better, and all that it took to inspire the uplifting arrangement was a request from one of the attendants. Their cheery demeanor and happy hearts can be felt in every word, inspiring a fantastic mood for the rest of the five-hour flight.

This video shares the signature sound of the award-winning barbershop quartet from Maine with the rest of the world, in an impromptu performance that entertains from the start. ‘Under the Boardwalk’ by Port City Sound proves that the most beautiful performances need nothing other than talent, a good mood, and good people.

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