A supermarket has recently addressed rumors that it’s been using ‘meat glue’ in its steaks after some TikTokers raised suspicions.The controversy started spiraling when users on TikTok began examining Woolworths’ steaks very closely.

The debates opened up discussions that might not sit well with vegetarians and vegans, so perhaps they might want to skip this part
The core of the issue? Allegations that the supermarket was bonding pieces of red meat together using ‘meat glue’.One TikToker went all out to demonstrate his point by manually pulling apart two steaks from the supermarket giant, suggesting he was revealing the use of ‘meat glue’.

During his experiment, he’s heard saying: “See that s**t there. That’s glue. […]”“And this basically when you cut it, see with this one you just pull it a little bit and certain parts come out in sections.”

Woolworths has been accused by some social media users of using ‘meat glue’TikTok

He further pointed out, “This might be a solid piece, but they’ve glued it here.”

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