This Talented Grandma Is Going Viral With Her Patsy Cline Remake

Vera was listening to ‘I Fall To Pieces’ by Patsy Cline when she came up with a funny idea and became inspired. She decided to write this chuckle of a song to all of her fellow seniors out there. The name of her lighthearted Patsy Cline parody? It could only be called, ‘We Fall To Pieces.’ 

In this heartwarming video, Vera gives a witty performance of the song in front of a live audience. With each line she sings, her words send her audience, and those watching the video from home, into a fit of laughter.

“Does anybody remember Patsy Cline and ‘I Fall To Pieces?‘” she asked the folks attending her birthday party. “Well, I rewrote it, and I dedicated it to seniors, and it’s called We Fall To Pieces.’ And if any of you young people think it’s not true, I have news for you!”

From joking about saving for the Golden Years and buying an RV to drive around the country, to bending down and not being able to get up, Vera looks on the bright side of life. You can’t help but love that she is sharing her great attitude with the world.

She reminds us that we should never take life too seriously. 90-year-old Vera knows that getting older is sometimes a challenging process we all have to go through, so let’s stay positive and learn to laugh at ourselves. The good news is: We all get older together.

Folks on the Internet are loving her song, seeing as the video has been viewed on Facebook over five million times! Watch her comical, yet inspiring performance of “We Fall To Pieces” below.

Watch Vera’s accurately funny performance and share it with a friend. This is guaranteed to give you a chuckle, and you can’t help but be taken by Vera’s beautiful voice.  Enjoy this one, my friends.

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