I wish I am this agile when I grow old. They are simply fantastic and they deserve all the recognition they get. Well done!

Dancing together for 35 years doesn’t only make you good at it, you learn how to speak with your body. I was never able to see it until I saw a 60-something-year-old couple performing at the Grand Nationals.

When the host announced Charlie and Jackie I thought it was going to be another geriatric couple who had like 3 ballroom dancing classes, but boy, was I wrong. They are breath-taking. By the way, they flow and anticipate each other’s movements it’s clear they’ve been doing this for decades. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I have watched a lot of couples doing the Shag but this is the best of them all… Their moves are so effortless and smooth… They just glide across the dance floor together and need I add how they compliment each other as well… Bravo to Charlie & Jackie Womble… God Bless & Good Health Always…

Fantastic!!! Could watch these two all night.

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