YouTube star Ms. Rachel, a popular children’s content creator with nearly 10 million subscribers, has recently faced backlash after posting a video celebrating Pride Month on her TikTok account, “MsRachelForLittles,” on June 1. In the video, Rachel Accurso, wearing a pink headband and a multicolored shirt, wished a happy Pride to her audience, expressing her appreciation for everyone being true to themselves. She stated, “Happy Pride to all of our wonderful families and friends! This month and every month, I celebrate you. I’m so glad you’re here. I’m so glad you’re exactly who you are.”



Anticipating some negative reactions, especially following recent criticism from the Jewish community for not mentioning Israeli children in a fundraising post for global conflicts, she addressed potential dissenters directly in the video. She said, “To those who are going to comment that they can’t watch this show anymore because of this support, no worries and much love your way.” Ms. Rachel concluded the video by asserting her commitment to love over fame, stating, “God bless. I am not chasing fame or views, I’m standing strong in love.”

The video was quickly shared by Daily Wire host Matt Walsh, who criticized Accurso on Twitter (now X), urging conservative parents to boycott her content. Walsh’s post received over 6.1 million views and 3,400 comments, many from outraged parents and conservatives. One user declared, “I’m never watching Miss Rachel again,” while another commented, “This woman creeps me out and so do all the weirdos she has on her shows. I tell my wife to turn her off anytime I see her try and put her on.” A father of two children who enjoyed Ms. Rachel’s content expressed his disappointment, saying, “This saddens me. Ms. Rachel will no longer be played in my house.” Another user emphatically stated, “That’s the end of her now. Never again. NEVER again. Boycott!”




This controversy follows just two weeks after Accurso faced criticism for a fundraiser she organized for Save the Children, which aimed to support children in conflict zones like Gaza, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Ukraine. She was criticized by members of the Jewish community for not mentioning Israeli children in her fundraising efforts. In response to the backlash, Accurso posted a tearful video on social media, clarifying that she cares deeply for all children and emphasizing her inclusive stance. She said, “I love every child. Palestinian children, Israeli children, children in the US, – Muslim, Jewish, Christian children -, all children, in every country. Not one is excluded.”

Ms. Rachel has also faced backlash for her co-star Jules Hoffman, who uses they/them pronouns, which some parents found inappropriate for a children’s show. Additionally, she revealed that she had been bullied online last September for her weight and looks while pursuing her second master’s degree in education. She addressed the trolls in a video, highlighting that her qualifications and value as an educator go beyond her appearance.




Despite the backlash, Ms. Rachel continues to emphasize her commitment to creating educational content for children. Her YouTube channel features videos informed by research and filled with learning standards aimed at helping preschoolers thrive. The channel offers a variety of content, including baby and toddler videos, music classes, and sign language lessons.

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