When hitting the beach, some moms like to be on the modest side. After all, if you’re running around with your kids, you might want to wear something you know will stay put and not reveal more than you’d like. Then, there’s also the body image issue where some moms may not have shrunk back to their pre-baby size and may not want to reveal too much for that reason.


Other moms are apparently okay with letting it all hang out. One of those moms is Australian influencer and fitness model Tammy Hembrow. She has over 15 million followers on Instagram and over 1 million subscribers on YouTube. She also has three children and two companies. She simply does it all.

Hembrow runs two companies. One is her app, TammyFit. The other is an activewear brand called Saski Collection. She likes to model the clothing products on her social media platforms, showing off the different colors and styles in her daily life.

Not too long ago, Hembrow showed off a bikini that was launching in her collection. It was in line with the minimalist bikinis we saw may Influencers and models wearing over the summer, but this bikini took minimalist to a whole new level.

Hembrow posted a picture of herself modeling the bikini on Instagram. She captioned the post, “FOR THE SUN LOVERS @theminimaleanimale splendor suit in my new colour ‘Euphoria’ dropping next week !”

The pictures of Hembrow were taken from the side. In one picture, she is looking away from the camera. In another picture, she looks right at the camera. In both pictures, viewers struggled to find the bikini. Oh wait, it’s those strings criss-crossed across her back.

For many viewers, this bikini took minimalist too far. One person commented, “This is just downright sinful.”

Another follower wrote, “Smallest one-piece in existence?”

Hembrow doesn’t seem to care what the critics think. This was not the first or last time she posted pictures of herself in an almost invisible bikini.

Last month, Hembrow posted a day in the life video where she played with kittens, got her kids ready for school and took her baby with her to work. Honestly, her “quick” makeup routine had more steps than we would take if we were running late to drop our kids off, and she managed to do it all with a baby strapped to her.

Watch Hembrow’s day in the life video below.


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