The image appears to have been made using CGI, but is actually the result of incredible practical effects

When we think about the most viewed images ever, a couple of notable ones might come to mind.

An easy guess would be the Mona Lisa, or perhaps the ‘Earth Rise’ photo taken from the moon.

While these images are indeed famous, they don’t top the list of the most viewed.

So, what could be one of the most viewed images in history?

It’s likely one that nearly everyone who has ever used one of the most popular computer operating systems has seen.

Consider the default desktop wallpapers on Windows computers, like the iconic green hill.

It might not be too surprising to learn that this hill is actually a real photograph, and yes, that’s absolutely true.

However, what’s really surprising is that another well-known Windows background is also a real photo, not CGI.

So, which background are we talking about?

It’s the default wallpaper for Windows 10, featuring the iconic four-paned window with pale blue light casting sharp lines into the surrounding deep blue void.

You might think this image was created with CGI, given how much it looks like it could have been digitally made.

But in reality, it’s the product of some incredibly clever practical effects.

This image was crafted by designer and director Bradley Munkowitz, who is also known as GMUNK.

How did they create this image, you might wonder?

They used a cut-out of the familiar Windows logo placed against a backdrop of black curtains.

Then, they shone blue lasers through it in various patterns, which produced some truly stunning visuals.

Out of the many patterns captured on film, they chose the best one to become the iconic wallpaper.

In our age of CGI and AI-generated imagery, it’s easy to overlook the impact of practical effects.

The revelation that this was a photograph stunned many online.

One person commented: “At first I was like woah how’d they do that and then I remembered that practical effects exist. Remember those? I miss practical effects so much.”

Another expressed: “Damn this background is so much cooler to me now.”

While someone else noted: “Looks like you CAN create art without using AI.. who could have known.”

Meanwhile, someone humorously added: “The lengths people went to to avoid paying for Photoshop.”

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