Dan and Wendy are the absolute definition of couple goals. But it wasn’t until they posted an anniversary picture that they reaIized just exactly what type of couple they truly are. People started talking about their journey and it went VIRAL.

Their paths aligned through a shared passion, but the question remained: how did they cross paths?
In 2006, during their college years, they connected on Facebook when the platform was primarily used for socializing and meeting new people, particularly for guys looking to meet girls.

We all thought that the Man and Woman in the back of the photo were the cause of VIRAL. But it was the couple that taught all the young people what love is.

One evening, Dan scrolled through friends of friends, hoping to find someone who caught his eye. That’s when he came across Wendy. Captivated by her beauty and charisma, he took a leap and messaged her on Facebook.

Wendy, initially cautious about online interactions, confided in her friend Daphne about the message from Dan. To her surprise, Daphne recognized Dan from his messages to her as well. With reservations, Wendy contemplated whether to respond.

But Dan was persistent. After a few weeks, he reached out to her again. Wendy, after some Facebook research, felt reassured by their mutual connections and decided to give it a chance.

Their conversations flourished, prompting them to transition from online to in-person interaction. Dan, an avid basketball player, suggested they meet at a party in his building, even though there was no actual event planned.

Despite the lack of a party, Dan was prepared to create one if Wendy agreed. And she did.

Their first meeting was orchestrated with thoughtfulness and enthusiasm. Dan had informed his friends about Wendy, ensuring they were all on board. Similarly, Wendy brought along some friends for support.

As Wendy arrived at the door, she was met with Dan’s radiant smile, marking the beginning of their journey together.

Wendy and Dan’s relationship had a slow start due to timing and Wendy’s recent breakup. Despite being friends and spending time together, they weren’t initially romantically involved.

However, a turning point came when Wendy wished Dan a happy birthday, leading to a dinner that changed everything. Dan took the risk and officially asked Wendy out, recognizing their strong connection.

Despite initially hesitating, Wendy decided to take a chance on their budding romance, realizing their unique bond. This marked the transition from a friendship on the back burner to a full-fledged romantic relationship.

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